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THE LU.NU.LA STANDARD Nail Lab aspires to offer advanced nail care to a wide variety of clientele. Women and men alike looking for a modern environment to get a one-on-one, high-end, specialty manicure and pedicure experience will find is the answer. We pride ourselves on our advanced education, cleanliness, and hand painted nail art. Our goal is to get clients’ natural nails, on both hands and feet, to their healthiest possible state. We always properly dispose of single use items, such as buffers and orange wood sticks. We utilize disposable towels. All implements that can be reused are sanitized before being disinfected in an EPA registered disinfectant for the recommended contact time. The Lab has opted against offering acrylic products, also including dipping systems from any brand, and from length building extensions. All services are done with regular polish or true gel products on natural nails.



Angela has been in the beauty industry for nearly a decade, first beginning her career as a makeup artist. She is a fully licensed Cosmetologist here in South Carolina, and Pennsylvania. In 2021, she also became a licensed Cosmetology Instructor for South Carolina. 

Angela founded The Lab after visiting local nail salons, and wanting more from her experiences. She knew she could provide flawless art, and sanitation and disinfection practices that went above and beyond what is required by State Board.

She is most notably a Level Two Certified Master Pedicurist.

She was a finalist for CosmoProf's Licensed to Create Awards 2019 for Nail Art.

Some additional education includes: 

  • Young Nails One Week Course Mastering Gel 2017

  • Swarovski Certified Nail Artist

  • Erica's ATA High End E-File Cuticle Work 2018

  • Wildflowers Nail Academy Dimensional Art & Portfolio Builder 2018/2019

  • CND Grand Master 2019 (Shellac Certified, Master Painter, Master Sculptor, Master Architect) ​

  • Vanity Projects Intermediate Level Course 2021

Angela takes her education and career seriously, working tirelessly to expand her knowledge of nails, and the beauty industry as a whole. When she's not busy in The Lab, she enjoys spending time with her dog and family, and searching for the next shade of lipstick to purchase. nail lab10.jpg


We have taken great care in choosing professional products that will deliver the highest quality results. Some brands we've chosen to carry are Akzentz, Footlogix, Kokoist, LCN Barefoot, Luminary Nail Systems, Magpie Beauty, and Presto. 

We also offer a large selection of retail "take home," so you can continue to care for your hands and feet outside of The Lab.