Lunula- whitish, “small moon” at the base of the nail, which gets its color from the nuclei of living cells transitioning from the matrix.

  • THE LU.NU.LA STANDARD Nail Lab aspires to offer advanced nail care to a wide variety of clientele. Women and men alike looking for a modern environment to get a one-on-one, high-end, specialty manicure and pedicure experience will find is the answer. The Lab prides itself on advanced education, cleanliness, and hand painted nail art.

    Our goal is to get clients’ natural nails, on both hands and feet, to their healthiest possible state. We always properly dispose of single use items, such
    as buffers and orange wood sticks. We utilize disposable towels. All implements
    that can be reused are sanitized before being disinfected in an EPA registered
    disinfectant for the recommended contact time. The Lab has opted against
    offering acrylic products, also including dipping systems from any brand, and
    from length building extensions. All services are done with regular polish
    or gel products on natural nails. Nail Lab is the opposite of any previous nail salon experience you've ever had, hands down.