Because Not Everyone Can Draw a Cat

A deep dive into The Lab’s first nail art class

Now that everyone is back in person again, and on the eve of The Lab’s five year anniversary, I thought this was as good a time as any to launch in person, hand painting nail art classes!

My approach is different than “let’s learn this marble technique, or recreate this trendy design.” I have selected 3-4 designs that can be done in a salon environment, and increase your income. We may not have the exact colors from the design inspo, our canvas might be much smaller in real life, or maybe our client didn’t book additional nail art but has changed their mind. With the designs I chose for my summer class, all seasonally appropriate, are great foundational elements that can be intermixed no matter the color palette or the time you have.

Take one accent nail and build an entire 10 piece collection without batting an eye!

I want to make high end, well executed nail art accessible to every artist. My class is not brand affiliated. Although I will provide you with my personal favorites in a kit, and you are welcome to sample my collection while you visit The Lab, what you learn in class will be transferable to whatever products you use at your nail table.

9 out of 10 times my clients want hand painted nail art. You don’t need a drawer full of trendy products or 3D accessories no one wants. You can be incredibly successful and build your own waitlist honing your skills with a brush.

Nail art doesn’t have to be hard or intimidating. Not everyone can paint a cat, but after you spend some time with me, everyone will think you can 🐱

(Want to grab a seat in June’s class? Head to "Shop The Lab" and then "Nail Art Classes." Select Sunday 6/11 or Monday 6/12 and come paint with me!)

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