Lunula- whitish, “small moon” at the base of the nail, which gets its color from the nuclei of living cells transitioning from the matrix.

  • Forget every previous experience you've had at an over crowded, questionably clean nail salon, where every nail service is offered alongside bottomless alcohol. Nai Lab, loving called The Lab, is unlike any nail salon experience you've had before.

    Angela considers herself primarily a gel nail technician and artist who focuses solely on active length, natural nails. All nail art created within The Lab is hand painted; no stickers, stampers, or stencils.

    The Lab has opted against
    offering acrylic products, also including dipping systems from any brand, and
    from length building extensions. This choice allowed Angela to both master her gel nail craft and keep The Lab odor free.

    Anyone and everyone looking for a modern environment to get a one-on-one, high-end, specialty manicure and pedicure experience will find is the answer. Nail Lab is the opposite of any previous nail salon experience you've ever had, hands down.